iTelemed is an OTN registered provider of Telemedicine services in Ontario.

Our Corporate vision:  To bring Telemedicine services to patients in Ontario, Canada and beyond leveraging both existing and new technology while maintaining Patient-Centered Healthcare.

Physician/Primary Care Providers

Providing primary care for patients within Ontario and Canada has become a challenging career. Our Canadian Health care industry is “Busting at the seams.” Patient demands are increasing due to aging populations, complex care conditions and lack of resources or increased wait time. Provincial Health Plans have continued to shrink budgets for primary care services in most provinces. Meanwhile Primary Care Providers have the challenge of operating as independent small businesses without the advantage of adjusting prices to compensate for rising costs of operating a medical office.

iTelemed understands the pressures for both patients and providers. We believe that Telemedicine provides an unique opportunity for Primary Care Providers to structure their on-call time to match a work/life balance. iTelemed has experience in connecting Physicians/Primary Care Providers in Ontario with the existing Telemedicine network that will allow work from home or office to visit your patients virtually. Imagine the freedom of working within our own hours to “virtually visit” patients from home when they present to a Telemedicine studio. Imagine supplementing after hours income by performing “virtual Visits” for patients needing care during hours your own office might be lightly booked or you feel you have extra time to visit patients.

iTelemed is a little company with BIG ideas and we are eager to grow our consortium of Primary Care Providers , both Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. Perhaps you are a resident looking for part-time work until your full time office is established, perhaps you are a parent on Paternity Leave but still want to remain involved in part-time clinical care. Perhaps you are a Physician or Nurse Practitioner nearing retirement and looking for a way to ease out of clinical care but not quit entirely. Perhaps you are a Physician licensed in Ontario but living out of Province and looking for locum work while remaining outside of Ontario. These are just examples of people iTelemed is looking to recruit. Maybe you are a healthcare provider with novel ideas looking to innovate further within the Health Care System.

Strategic Partnerships

iTelemed is constantly sourcing out novel technology answers and seeking partnerships to innovate healthcare solutions. iTelemed is currently engaged with several partners as collaborative efforts to provide answers for today’s health care problems and attempting to meet patient demands for better services.

We hope to disclose in the near future details regarding these working relationships. Some of our current work in progress is in association with:

Always open for collaboration with new partners.